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Help Pages

1. Searching
2. Submitting Your Web Site
3. Modifying or Removing an Existing Listing
4. Advertising and Exposure Programs
5. Contacting Where2Go®
6. Our Privacy Policy

1. Searching

Please see our search tips pages for help on using the Where2Go® Search Engine.

2. Submitting Your Web Site
Applications for membership in Where2Go® will only be accepted from companies conducting business on the internet. You must have a valid business phone listing and an active Web site. To apply for inclusion in the Where2Go® business directory, click the "Members" tab on the top nav bar. This will provide you with the Signing Up With Where2Go® page which discusses the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of becoming a listed member with Where2Go®.

If your business meets the required criteria, click the "Sign Up" which will take you to the Terms and Conditions page, which discusses the legalities of submitting your site to Where2Go®. Click the Accept button to agree to the terms and you are on your way to the site submission form.

The site submission form is separated into 5 sections. For each section, enter the appropriate values in the required fields. When you have completed a section, click the "Next" button in the lower right hand corner of the form to continue. If you need to go back and make changes to previous section, click the "Back" button in the lower left hand corner of the form. After completing the first 4 sections, you will be presented with a summary of all your information for verification.

Below is a summary of each section along with instructions and tips on how to create an effective Where2Go® listing:

Section 1 - Web site Address

Enter the complete URL of the business web site you wish to submit. For example: "http://www.yourcompany.com"
Section 2 - Business Name, Location and Contact Information
Provide the requested information as you want it to appear on your Where2Go® listing :
  • Business Name - your business/company name
  • Address - your complete mailing address
  • City - your city
  • State/Province - your abbreviated state or province
  • Postal Code - your postal or zip code
  • Country - your non-abbreviated country
  • Name - the name of the contact person or department whom customers should contact
  • Email - your public contact's email address (a private email address will be requested later in the form for administrative contact purposes)
  • Telephone - your public contact's complete telephone number including area code
  • Fax - your public contact's complete fax number including area code
Note: Even if you do not wish to provide a mailing address, your City, State, Postal Code and Country are required for searching purposes.

Section 3 - Company Information
The following fields should be entered as you would like them to appear online:
  • Listing Category - your businesses "yellow pages" heading. Example: "Pet Shops, Retail"
  • Listing Keywords - any words that a customer might think of when trying to find a product or service that you offer. To optimize the searching capabilities of this field, use the plural form (or both forms if they are spelled differently) of the words entered so that they can be found by both plural and singular searches. Example: "pets, dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, mice, mouse, toys, supplies"
  • Brand Names - the brand names of products your business sells or services. Example: "Science Diet, Eukanuba, Purina, Vita-Lite, Iams" Note: do NOT list brand names you do not carry or are not authorized to sell. You will be held liable for any false information you submit.
  • Description - a short summary of the products and services your business offers. It is not necessary to repeat any information that can be found elsewhere in the form, such as payment and delivery options. Example: "A full service pet care center offering a complete selection of pets and supplies, food, accessories, aquariums, fresh and saltwater fish, as well as expert dog and cat grooming. Pet adoption and vaccination clinics are offered every weekend."
  • Return Policy - a brief description of your return and warranty policies.
  • Business Start Date - the date your business was established in the mm/dd/yyyy format. This field will be published as the number of years you have been in business. Example: "11/24/1991"
  • Sales Type, Payment, Delivery, Sales Support, and Sell Via Options - check all boxes that are applicable to your business. If you offer options not listed, enter them in the text box field provided.

Section 4 - Administrative Contact Information
Information requested in this section is for administrative contact purposes only and will NOT BE PUBLISHED.
  • Contact Name - the name of the person responsible for your Where2Go® listing. Our staff will contact this person should we have any questions regarding your listing.
  • Title - the title of the above contact.
  • Contact Email - the email address of your admin contact.
  • Telephone - your admin contact's telephone number including area code.
  • Fax - your admin fax number with area code.
  • Password - select a password to allow you access to your Where2Go® listing for future modifications. We suggest using a password that you will remember but others will not be able to figure out. We do not recommend using common names or numbers. Please retain your password in a secure location for your records.
Section 5 - Summary
This section allows you to review all of the values you provided for your listing. Please look it over carefully and verify your listing data. If you need to change any data, click the back button in the lower left hand corner. If all of the information is correct, click the "finish" button in the lower right hand corner. Once your listing application is processed, you will receive a confirmation of your addition to Where2Go® Search Engine.

TIP: Take a look at some existing Where2Go® listings to see what information other members have provided.

3. Modifying or Removing an Existing Listing
To access an existing record for editing and updating purposes, click the "members" tab on the top nav bar to open the Member Services page. Then click the "Modify an Existing Listing" link to load the member authentication page.

To access your Where2Go® listing, you must login as your administrative contact. To login, enter your site's URL and Password exactly as they appear in your listing.

If you have forgotten your password, enter your URL and click the "Send Password" button. The information needed to access your listing will be emailed to the administrative contact address on file.

If your administrative contact email address has changed, please contact us directly by clicking here.

If you are successfully authenticated, your listing as it is currently published will load. To change the information in a text field, simply enter the new data over the old. Any fields that are not modified will retain their original value. To change the value of a check box, click on the box. When you have finished you modifications, click the "Update Record" button to save the changes. Click the "Reset Form" button to clear any modifications made and start over. If you would like to permanently remove your listing, click the "Delete Listing" button.

4. Advertising and Exposure Programs
Please see the Member Services page for information on Where2Go's® current advertising and exposure programs.

5. Contacting Where2Go®
Please see the About Us page for information on getting in touch with the staff at Where2Go®.
6. Privacy Policy
At Where2go® we respect everyone's right to privacy on and off the net and we have a comprehensive privacy policy. For security all access to this site is constantly monitored. Click here to review our complete privacy.

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