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Where2Go's Reciprocal Link Program

By displaying a where2go link on your site you get substantial rewards, including special priority placement on searches.

Do you want to be at the top of our search results lists? It is really easy... simply add a link to us on your site and we will give you priority sorting, putting your listing near the top of our list.

You get featured placement on one of the TOP search engines on the web for FREE! All we ask is that you prominently display a Where2go search button on your site. You get thousands of dollars worth of exposure for less than an inch of space on your sight!

So how do you get started?
First a few ground rules:

  1. You must be a listed Where2Go® member - Your web site must currently be listed in our search engine. If you are not yet a member, click here to submit your web site.

  2. The link must be an OFFICIAL Where2Go® image - Several approved images are available below. The image should be linked to <http://www.where2go.com>

    Click here for the HTML code required
    to place these images on your site

  3. The link must be displayed on your site's home page - You are getting a substantial value - special placement on millions of searches each month. All we ask for is a link on your site that will be seen. burying our link 5 pages deep on your site or on a page with 20 others does us no good!

  4. The link must remain active - Once you are enrolled, our robot will check your site to make sure our link is visible and active on your home page. As long as it is active, you will get priority sorting. If at any time the link is found to be inactive, your listing will revert to a normal listing with no sorting priority.

  5. You must fill out our Reciprocal Link Request Form - If you want to participate in this program, click here to tell our robot to check your site.
Click here to submit a Reciprocal Link Approval Request
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